Liquid Silicone Rubber


As the HCR (High Consistency Rubber), the liquid silicone rubbers belongs to the HTV (High Temperature Vulcanisation) family. Among others, the most interesting feature is its excellent processability.

Liquid silicones have special characteristics in comparison with rubbers and other elastomers:

  • an excellent processability (the raw material is ready to use)
  • short cycle time (Platinum catalyse curing)
  • great resistance to temperatures (- 40°C to 250°C)
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • resistance to ageing (UV, ozone)
  • biocompatibility
  • No propagation of flame (UL94V0)
  • Good behaviour to sterilization (vapour, gamma, ETO)

Top Clean Injection processes various ranges of liquid silicone rubbers : standard range, from 3 to 80 SHA, medical grade, self lubricated and self adhesive silicones, fluoridated silicones…




There are different ranges of liquid silicone rubbers, which bring out some functionalities of that material :

  • standard range
  • with fast firing
  • high resistance to tearing
  • self adhesive
  • self lubricated
  • fluoridated
  • insulating
  • conductive
  • medical grade
  • implantable – 30 days
  • long-term implantable

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