Liquid Silicone Rubber injection molding

Liquid Silicone Rubber injection molding is a process with numerous strong points :

  • The manufacturing of technical parts without burrs nor cold shots
  • The process is easy to automate
  • LSR injection molding offers an excellent productivity
  • This process provides a repeatability and an excellent production quality

Silicone injection molding lends itself well to the production in clean room.
Anyway Top Clean Injection has ISO 7 & ISO 8 clean rooms for production, assembly and packaging of silicone parts, as well as the entire material means commonly used.

Raw material feeding :

Mixture of A & B components


Mixing :

Homogenization of both components through a static mixer.


Dosage :

Specific screw for LSR

Hold the mixture to a low temperature

(about 20°C)


Silicone injection molding :
Cold runner system (BCR) and direct nozzles


Vulcanization :

- Heating of the mold to a high temperature (160°C/200°C)
- Activating of the chemical reaction out of cross-linkage (platinum agent)


Parts ejectors :

Mechanical ejectors (gravity) or manipulator robots


    High technicality and ultra-cleanliness in the plastics industry