The development of LSR parts expands in the industrial field because that material offers a good resistance to chemical agents, excellent mechanical features (lengthening, DRC), and great resistance to high temperatures. Indeed, under motor hood, the temperatures are exposed to temperatures from 200°C to 250°C. Some examples of products developed for the industrial field : silicone seals and connectors.

Thanks to its experience and expertise, Top Clean Injection is also present on :

  • The cosmetics industry : closures and caps, valves, spatula, silicone obturators…
  • The electronics industry : switch membranes
  • Sports & leisure : diving masks
  • The food industry : food seals, seals for jars, silicone tins
  • The electrical industry : isolators, grommets, tightness seals
  • And many other markets…


Top Clean Injection


Top Clean Injection produces LSR injected technical parts from medium to big series, of a weight from 0.10 to 300 g and thickness until 0.15mm.


Top Clean Injection offers also additional services for example the assembly and the packing.


    High technicality and ultra-cleanliness in the plastics industry